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Audio Monitoring

& Metering

Your audio set-up has been killing it for the last couple of months but recently you sense something different. Is that extra noise you hear in the background? Are the wires faulty or is one of your speakers giving up on you? Do you get high pitch noises every once in a while in between good music?

Audio Problems can be really frustrating. There is nothing more irritating than an unwanted sound ruining your entire audio experience. Putting a finger on the exact problem is kind of tough though. And the more you wait it out, the worse it’s going to get.

  • This is where the Audio People come in. We know that owning high-end audio equipment is just one part of the play. The second part is maintaining it. Equipment woes? Torn out cables? Noise issues? Or anything at all; let our experts take a peek into your equipment. Your next door repairman might be able to fix your problem temporarily, but is it worth ruining the warranty.
  • Having authorized experts means that you get the best service without compromise on risk.
    Right from consultation, design and even to installation, we have got your back.
  • Giving you the Audio People experience every audiophile deserves.
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