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For the past 20 years, Cineversum has been a reputed worldwide leader and pioneer in the field of private Home Cinema video-projection. Originally created and developed by Barco, the famous manufacturer which provides Cinema equipment to Hollywood’s leading film studios and commercial theatres worldwide, the Cineversum staff will leave no stone unturned on its path to perfection.

Be it watching your favorite football club play in the finals or your favorite movie, Cineversum’s philosophy to provide you with a complete, adequate and high-end solution is what you need. From the plug-and-play projector to the most sophisticated custom installation, Cineversum offers the best tailor-made association of products that will get the best out of your home configuration. Sound’s exciting right? Being the Audio People, we know our way around the best sounds and the ways to achieve them. Let’s hook you up with the best of Cineversum to get your audiophile adventure started.



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