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Home Theater Design

How Do We Do?

You’ve finally made it. Clearing up a room for your very own home theater is just the first step. The very thought of having a fully immersive movie experience right in your own home is truly enticing. But what happens now?
What set-up should you go for? What are your primary tastes in music and what speakers would fit your needs? Will the size of the set-up and the aesthetic composition go well with your room’s vibe?
There are so many variables to consider technical, financial and aesthetic. We understand how troubling it is to find your perfect fit. I bet you are just tempted to wing it and go for random equipment. But one of the purest joys of owning a home theater is the actual task of picking and choosing each and every piece that fits in your perfect puzzle. Without further ado, the Audio People presents with the exact solution to your problems.


Our audio technicians are more than thrilled to give you live demos of the best brands in the market so that you get an actual feel for what you are buying into. I think you would agree with us that listening to a wide variety of Brands and Models and judging their performance with your own ears beats any online product review on the internet.

The Audio People showrooms at Chennai and Hyderabad welcome you to come over and let us wow you with your select choices. And don’t forget that it’s not just Home Theater Acoustics and Speaker Systems. Our collections go above and beyond to provide you with the best Amplifiers, Receivers, Decors and other home theater equipment in the country. Let’s get your Home Theater rocking your walls off with the Audio People.


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